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Benchmarking ET

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Benchmarking ET


Post by Pedro-NF » 01 Apr 2012, 10:27

In computing, the term "benchmarking" normally refers to the process of determining the performance of a device, usually to compare it to other similar devices. This is a tutorial on how to benchmark your system's speed in ET.

1 - Download THIS DEMO recorded on the Radar map. We've been using it to standardize the benchmarking results. Put it in the jaymod\demos directory. DO NOT change the demo's extension from .dm_84.

3 - After making sure that vertical synchronization is OFF both in the game and in the video drivers settings, run ET, click on the MODS menu button and switch to Jaymod. Open the console and type the command /timedemo 1, then /demo radar. You don't need to type the demo's extension, just its file name. ET will then play the demo at the maximum FPS rates your system can reach, which will result in the demo being played at a much higher speed than normal - unless your system can't beat the FPS rates at which the demo was recorded.

3 - After the demo has finished playing, ET will go back to the main menu screen. Open the console and there will be a message informing the average FPS rate at which the demo was played. If you want to play another demo, just type /demo NAMEOFTHEOTHERDEMOTOPLAY - you only need to type /timedemo 1 once.

To compare systems results correctly, everyone should be using the same resolution and the same game and graphics driver settings. For example, if two people run a demo and one of them has anti-aliasing set to some value while the other one has it turned off, the system with anti-aliasing off will probably score better.

By the way, if you don't know how to open the console, for Satan's sake, you do it by pressing the tilde/apostrophe (~/') key on a keyboard with a US layout, which can also be configured as US-International - the ONLY layout The Sacred Emperor recognizes. If you're a pathetic, despicable being who uses keyboards with country-specific layouts, it will be the key to the left of the one (1) key.




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