[HOW TO FIX] Error: Unpure client detected. Invalid .PK3 files referenced

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[HOW TO FIX] Error: Unpure client detected. Invalid .PK3 files referenced

Post by Pedro-NF » 10 Aug 2015, 08:53

If you use to get the error Unpure client detected. Invalid .PK3 files referenced! when you rejoin the server after having been kicked for some reason and haven't got enough braincells to figure out by yourself why that happens: it's because there is more than one version of Jaymod in your jaymod directory, which probably means you've played on other, badly configured servers, with outdated versions of the mod. Fix: delete all jaymodXXX.pk3 files from the jaymod directory except the one used by the [>NF<] Server. You can always check which file is that on the server's site at http://www.noobsforever.net, or just delete all .pk3 files from jaymod and let your game download the correct one from the server.

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