[>NF<] makes no permanent changes to your game

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[>NF<] makes no permanent changes to your game


Post by Pedro-NF » 01 Jan 2013, 08:56

Unlike other servers, which force players to download lots of pk3 files which change the game's screens, icons, voices, weapon sounds, etc., I make it a point of NEVER allowing the [>NF<] Server to download anything to the players game directories that will cause permanent changes to the game. I consider it intrusive and unethical to modify the players game in that way. The one and only exception to this is the CONNECT TO [>NF<] SERVER menu button, which can be removed by deleting the file _nf_pack_xxxxxxxx.pk3 from the etmain directory. The songs that play in some maps will only play when those maps are running on [>NF<].

So, if you notice that your game is full of stupid grinch icons and other trash like that, that's because you've been to other servers which downloaded custom pk3 files to your game. To remove them, take a look in the etmain and jaymod directories - sort the files by date, see which pk3 were added last and delete them. Don't be afraid of screwing something up - if you delete any [>NF<] pk3 file, it will be downloaded again when you join the server.

I should be releasing an [>NF<] ET Cleaner program in the next days, I'm just waiting for some inspiration to write it.


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Re: [>NF<] makes no permanent changes to your game


Post by sweetleaf » 06 Sep 2013, 21:22

this is why the [<NF>]Server is the only server i goto!!!All hail the sacred empire Pedro
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