[RUST] The Hard Truth: Facepunch Wasn't Targeting Mice, It Was Targeting Russians

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[RUST] The Hard Truth: Facepunch Wasn't Targeting Mice, It Was Targeting Russians


Post by Pedro-NF » 17 Dec 2019, 05:54

All other non-banned mouse brands that support macros behave the same way. You use their utilities, like Razer Synapse and Logitech Gaming Software, to create and edit macros and then load them into the mouse's memory. It's the mouse itself that executes the macros, not those utilities. After the macros are on the mouse's memory, those programs can be uninstalled. You don't even need to use the manufacturer's drivers - the generic Windows mouse driver will work just fine.

Now there's a question begging to be asked: why did Facepunch only ban mice from A4Tech and Bloody, leaving Logitech, Razer and other brands alone? The answer is simple:

A4Tech and Bloody are the most popular mouse brands in the Russian Federation. FACEPUNCH WASN'T TARGETING MICE, IT WAS TARGETTING RUSSIANS.

While the usual no-lifer forums trolls and Facepunch shills prepare their replies to try to distort and discredit the facts being exposed here, let's move on to the main reason why the studio did that:

North Americans, Canadians and Europeans from the wealthier countries of Europe have always been very outspoken about their xenophobic view of Russian players by tagging them as "mostly cheaters". With complaints against mouse scripters in their cash cow AKA Rust piling up - and the big Steam winter sale approaching - Facepunch wanted to disguise their sheer incompetence to deal with the problem by putting on an act to lead people to believe that the studio was doing something about it. But someone had to take the fall for that, and who better in the eyes of the entitled, honest, 100% legit players from the much more profitable NA and EU markets than the despised Russians?

TL;DR: Do you have any decency at all? STOP playing this game, even though its brilliant core concept has resisted to its project leaders' utter incompetence through all these years. STOP buying anything from Facepunch. And if you are a RUSSIAN, get organized, do everything you can to cause as much harm to Facepunch as possible. You didn't deserve to be the scapegoats for its incompetence, so now SHOW that you MATTER, that you ARE NOT second class players and customers. MAKE THE COMPANY PAY FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE TO YOU.



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