New XP save system

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New XP save system

Post by Pedro-NF » 09 May 2017, 12:13

Everyone knows how much I hate XP save. However, there are lots of noobs - I mean, players - who like it. So, we're bringing back XP save - but in a special format that, like most things we do on the [>NF<] Server, no other server has ever tried before. Players' XPs will last during the current month only, and will be reset on the 1st day of each month. Also, leveling up will be exponentially harder.

These are the default XP values needed to reach each level on all classes plus battle sense and light weapons:

Level 1 = 20 XP
Level 2 = 50 XP
Level 3 = 90 XP
Level 4 = 140 XP
Level 5 = 200 XP

For our XP save system, we'll be using the following formula to determine each level's required XP: (default value/2) * (2^level). Let's use level 3 as an example: (90/2) * (2^3) = 45 * 8 = 360 XP. Applying that formula to all levels, we get these values:

Level 1 = 20 XP
Level 2 = 100 XP
Level 3 = 360 XP
Level 4 = 1120 XP
Level 5 = 3200 XP

If you have any suggestions, criticisms or complaints about the new system, please send them to


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