The [>NF<] Extreme Metal Festival

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The [>NF<] Extreme Metal Festival

Post by Pedro-NF » 14 Oct 2015, 10:38

Get ready for

THE [>NF<]


Anyone who's ever played on the [>NF<] ET Server knows how insanely brutal and relentless our players are. We take extreme pleasure in killing our enemies in the most painful and bloody manner. The word "mercy" has no meaning to us. It was about time then that we had a music festival that reflected the mayhem of our battles and the coldness of our hearts.

For the [>NF<] Extreme Metal Festival, we have chosen six of the heaviest, most absurdly violent songs ever committed to record. We guarantee you that, after hearing these tunes, their dark melodies and lyrics will linger in your head for weeks. If you can't take it, do not join the [>NF<] ET Server. We assume absolutely no responsibility for whatever effects that exposing yourself to this material may have on your sanity.


1 - MADONNA - Holiday (Madonna, 1983)
2 - MADONNA - Everybody (Madonna, 1983)
3 - MADONNA - Material Girl (Like A Virgin, 1984)
4 - MADONNA - Like A Virgin (Like A Virgin, 1984)
5 - MADONNA - La Isla Bonita (True Blue, 1986)
6 - MADONNA - Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit - single, 1999)

If you're still using the default memory settings from 2003, you will be kicked with a memory error message when a song starts playing. To fix that, follow the instructions on the topic below:



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