Your rights when playing on the [>NF<] Servers

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Your rights when playing on the [>NF<] Servers

Post by Pedro-NF » 05 Dec 2012, 06:42

Considering there were 3 bans and plenty of kicks today, a reminder is in order.

When you play on the [>NF<] Servers:

1 - You follow all the rules that appear all the time in the chat area.
2 - You do what I and my referees say.
3 - You don't ask why I or my referees did whatever it was we did.
4 - You absolutely never question me or a referee.
5 - You don't PM me unless you're a referee or the subject is of critical importance.
6 - You don't invite me to fireteams.
7 - You don't criticize the servers configuration and the servers maps.

I've probably forgotten a few things but don't worry, you'll be kicked or banned when you do one of them and make me remember.

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