Sprees: new rules and procedures

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Sprees: new rules and procedures

Post by Pedro-NF » 04 May 2014, 07:52


Due to the regrettable practice by a few players of "faking" map spree records, sprees may be deleted and players may be banned (even permanently) if they are found to have acted in any of the ways described below:

1 - Repeatedly killing a player who is AFK (away from the keyboard).

2 - Allowing oneself to be killed repeatedly by another player on purpose, with the intention of helping that player get a spree.

From now on, the server logs for the current month will be stored daily in order to be available for analysis in case a spree appears suspicious. If the information on the logs is enough to determine that one or more players have acted in any of the ways above, their sprees will be deleted. At The Sacred Emperor's sole discretion, legitimate sprees by those players may also be deleted, and the players may be subjected to further punishment as T.S.E. sees fit.

If the information on the logs isn't enough for T.S.E. to reach a fair decision, demo files of the matches in question will be requested from the players being investigated. If those players can't be contacted (via email or through the forums private messaging system), or if they fail to provide the requested files to T.S.E. within 24 hours after the request is submitted, all sprees obtained by the players in question will be summarily deleted.

As always, all decisions made by The Sacred Emperor are FAIR, RIGHTEOUS AND FINAL.



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